Having had the experience you did in Ethiopia, what would you say to Americans (or other folks in Western countries, I don't know if this is an America-specific problem) who are anti-vaccine?


Vaccines have saved literally billions of human lives.




Hey fronds! As requested, I will be showing you how to cosplay Horuss Zahhak!

Let’s start with the simple things first!

Hair: For this crazy dude’s hair, I recommend getting a longer wig such as this, or this, and CAREFULLY pulling it all back into a pony tail and leaving the…













Homestuck instead


I have never wanted anything more in my entire life


Limited edition


Limited edition







Breaking news: The D.C. Appeals Court just killed Net Neutrality.

This could be the end of the Internet as we know it. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Tell the FCC to restore Net Neutrality: http://bit.ly/1iOOjoe

they want to make the internet like tv. with channels and paying to get to specific websites and things. net neutrality = not doing that

This impacts every internet user. Please signal boost the hell out of this and sign the petition if you are American

I do not reblog things like this very often, but this affects me both personally and my business as a freelance artist.

In the economy here; cash is already strapped as it is. You bet your ass companies would suck the ever living life out of misc. art sites.

I don’t want it to ever come down to me choosing between groceries or purchasing a new tier package via comcast to be able to access tumblr or DeviantArt (let alone not guaranteeing I’ll even be seen by my customer base since they may not want to pay out their asses either). It doesn’t seem important to most, but I do 90% of my business online entirely.

Please sign up, fight for this and share it with your followers/friends/family and urge them to give them hell as well.

Not writing related, but this is incredibly important. While we pay for service via ISPs, the internet has been a relatively free space where everyone, no matter their income level, is able to connect, access a wealth of information, and express themselves. The Internet has become a major part of our culture as human beings and the notion that ISPs might be able to limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more is utterly sickening. A lot of us are cash strapped as is, and I’d rather not be limited even more by someone else’s greed. Net Neutrality is essential and I hope you guys will understand why it needs to remain.


P.S. Signal boost this if you’re able.

“ limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more”

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more




please do not let ferguson die out like everything else big does. do not let this die out. do not let this continue on for three days and then everyone forget about it. do not let this happen.

queue this post up 3 days from now, a week from now, a month from now, a month from then. make sure even if you forget your blog will remember.



This is an accessory store where everything is $1.

They even have cosmetics! brushes, lipstick, and lashes as well as cute socks and panties!!





a movie about two asexual aromantic best friends who have a best friend marriage for tax benefits

that does not end with a scene of swelling music and passionate kiss where they realize they really do love each other after all

It ends with a fist bump or something. I’m on board. 

but it should end with the big swell of music that makes people think they’re going for the kiss when really it’s for the fist bump ending


Nicki Minaj is actually one of my favorite people.

I watched like 5 minutes of American Idol, and this kid was….not so good. While everyone else was laughing at him, she comforted him, told him to come to the desk and held his hand as she told him that even though singing might not be his forte, he could do so much because he’s young and full of life. And has a lot of guts going on the show. Then she gave him a hug.

Seriously I don’t understand how people hate her????

REBLOG if you are hella bored and wouldn’t mind some curious anons.


About a couple months ago, I found out that I was in need of eye surgery because there was something in my eyes called cataracts. Having cataracts means that the lens inside my eyes are clouded up, which makes it hard for me to see, during the day and at night. It is, for sure, irritating because everything is so blurry and it takes me a good amount of time to read or see something clearly. Cataracts are also known as one of the most common causes to blindness. For me to have surgery on one eye, it would cost roughly around $1250 and for two eyes, $2500..

As you may know, I’m part of an activity that I really love and enjoy doing. I am a bass drummer at La Quinta High School and this year will be our first year competiting in division 5A in SCJA. I’ve been marching bass drum for 2 marching seasons and 2 indoor seasons; this season will be my 3rd marching season. In the past years, we’ve competed in division 4A, but this year will be completely different; we’re going against some of the bigger and better bands out there. Just thinking about not being able to march out there on the field saddens me. Marching band has changed my life and made me who I am today. I’m thankful to have marched alongside with a bunch of amazing people and to have a wonderful group of staff. And I hope that soon I will be able to march alongside with a world group.

But in order to have the eye surgery done, continue marching and everything else to happen, I need a lot of help to pay everything off. It is a struggle and I would greatly appreciate any donation. The donations I receive will go towards my surgery, new band uniforms, new equipment/instruments, fees, etc. Thank you!


First band competition

'Marching band' is now on popular tags, so be ready for a bunch of band related posts on my blog. You have been warned.





so i discovered that dipper’s VA jason ritter has a vine today


homie knows his convention scene


I had to…